Tuesday, May 31, 2011

had fun at Tantrix part 2

flatlands look not a mountain in sight, this I found strange to navigate wile driving around there is no markers to let you know your going in the right way everything is just flat.
this is a photo of behind the shop were I smoked wile I was out in Saskatoon
this was the last tattoo I did at Tantrix this time around was super fun and quick and I was stoked to do it I never done a rose of no mans land before
one smoking foot Tyler smokes and he wanted something to represent that
did a little paradise scene in the smoke because smoking is bliss full
Tee got this fun girl head wile I was down too
its got butterflies and pixy dust every were

the rest of my photos turned out bad so thats all I got from my trip to Tantrix this year, thanks for the fun times anyone that came out and got tattooed and to the crew of the shop for treating me so well

Saturday, May 28, 2011

had fun at Tantrix part 1

bugging Mike the owner of Tantrix wile hes trying to work
thanks for putting up with me wile I was out man had a fun time
chris's leg I did the girl my second day their and the wizard a few days latter when this photos was taken chirs is supper fun to tattoo and gets fun stuff , sorry for the bad photos I couldnt take a good photo to save my life there.
Lisa's lamp was a supper fun start to her arm
next time were gona add more girly things in the same style

I post more latter once I figure out if any of my photos came out well
you would think after taking photos for 10years everyday that I be better at them but no

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stephy is coming to work

Stephanie Babiarz is coming to work with us

at Rain City Tattoos as of June 15th

I seen Steph over the last few years become a great tattooer

and shes a fun person to work with you would have to be being Markys apprentice

so were super exited to have her on the crew over here.

not sure what days she will be in the shop

but come on by and give her some abuse or say hi

and welcome her to the new shop

Monday, May 23, 2011

coming home

coming home today I hope its nice out like this when I get there

I want to ride my bike and hang out with the wife on the deck

a few weeks back we set up the balcony again
getting ready for barbeque season
gona be starting up sunday potlucks again real soon

I would like to welcome Jessy JR to the area as he has just moved in downstairs
its gona be nice to be able to use the garage as a grarge not just storage, and every once in a wile have a good party

Also a big thanks to he crew of Tantrix for showing me a good busy time wile out in Saskatoon this week , if you ever looking for a good fun shop in Saskatoon give them a visit
photos from the trip soon I forgot to take many but got a few wich is better then the last few years I ve come out were I forgot to bring my camera

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

in progress Emilys arm

always a good time tattooing Emily
check out what we just started her new half sleave

Sunday, May 15, 2011


this is an oldy I just finished up recently
started this a few years back and just put in the finaly hour last week

Thursday, May 12, 2011

off to tantrix today

thats right I going to the flatlands today to visit some friends and do some tattoos

May 13th to 21st I'm in Saskatoon
I always have a good time tattooing at Tantrix Body Art
Come get tattooed!
Contact the shop to book an appointment:

Tantrix Body Art
#10-705 Central Ave Saskatoon, SK

some of the fun tattoos I did last year wile I was out their
last time I went in febuary and froze my ass off,
this year I going in may so hopefully it will be warmer

Saturday, May 7, 2011

lucy in the sky

My first shirt I ve wanted to have shirts printed for years and all it took was the jealousy of seeing Marky get some printed that made me finaly do it
Thanks to The Goods for doing a Great job
Shirts are black mens T's with off white(cream) print

Front and back

I will have these at Rain City tattoos for sale $20ea (cash only)
they come in Sm, Med,Lg and Xl

shop is located at 101-223 west broadway Vancouver BC

Monday, May 2, 2011

combo tattooing

me and Marky did a tag team tattoo the other day
on guest artist Sylvain from Montreal was super fun to do we each drew part and tattooed part of it

we would like to do this again sometime on a bigger piece and mix it up more with our styles

for some reason the photos don't show well on the blog but if you click on it it shows really well have a look we had a fun time with this

Sunday, May 1, 2011

endlessknot w/ snake

fun little rib tattoo from a wile back