Tuesday, September 27, 2011

working on the bike

so during my trip to the Rockies at the start of the month
I ripped out the signal wires having to rewire them
I decided to paint the fender at the same time
bike all ripped apart
the fender after first coat
all rewired and put back together new paint and all
took the better part of the morning to take it all apart figure out which wires were missing and paint and reassemble all in all pretty fun morrning in the garage

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

art show painting

12x12 painting for the Love through Compassion Society fundraiser show
at the Dutchman Tattoos sunday September 25th @ 7pm
for info on the show www.ltcsociety.ca

Friday, September 16, 2011

finished half sleave

finished this up the other day
photos turned out a bit shity
but hes gonna come back soon for healed photos anyway

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grampa made

so wile I was in the Summerland I got the chance to visit my grampa
who has always tied his own flies.
Now he sells them out of Macs pawn shop' downtown Summerland
check them out if you ever in the area
to quote my gramp
"these catch fish"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

nothing but the clothes on my back

So I finlay took a vacation that didn't evolve around tattooing
I took just over a week and a half spent a week just riding my bike putting on 2500+ km going from Vancouver to Sumerland then off to Elkford and back with nothing but the clothes on my back and a small tool bag

It was super relaxing just riding around for the week

The first day I road from Van to Sumerland through Manning park what a nice ride my only big hold up was in Keremeos because of the Ironman going on if I had known I would of left a day later one of the racers beat me to Pentiction do to road being so backed up for the race , once I got to Summerland I stoped to visit some family then over to friends for the night were I got a bit drunk , so the next day I spent sleeping on the beach.

Gettting bord of sleeping on the beach and not having any destination in the trip I went to Elkford, through kelowna to the Salmo-Creston wich was a nice ride, aside from neer salmo where the bugs are huge and feel like getting hit by soft balls.

After Creston the riding was nice with great roads and smooth sailing till a road block , early in the day a logging truck had gone over and about 20mins from Cranbrook I had to wait 3hours to get by , this delaying me in my trip I stoped to get gas and a snack in Cranbrook and call a head I didn't tell anyone I was coming I was just gonna supries them but being 3hours or so behind and not knowing if anyone was around I called a head, also being behind and with not much to wear I was racing the sun to Elkford and lost around Feirne which this time of year it get pretty fucking cold in the Rockies once the sun goes down,it coldest ride I ve ever been on even beat the ride I took last January. As I pulled in to Elkford my shifter fell off, the road to Elkford was pretty shity being torn up to be repaved , luckily it didn't break and I was able to put it back on.

the next day i just spent hanging out at my dads place since rain had taken over and it was fucking cold out , hell it even snowed at the mine that night. So I ended up staying an extra night their, then off to Sparwood to visit some friends for the night before heading off back to Kelowna to visit then Summerland then home. All in all I had a rad time just ridding around by my self

Their are some amazing roads in BC and it was fun to be just out enjoining them, if you have never ridden across BC I recommend it take the old roads and enjoy the small towns

it was also nice to see some rad people that I haven't seen in a long time and I d like to thank Leim and Galiy, Thor and Amy, Dad and Donna, Jordy and his old lady (sorry dear cant remember name) for giving me places to stay and feeding me

now time to get back to work I wish I could be on vacation all the time