Sunday, March 20, 2011

painting step by step

so i missed a few photos along the way
but here we go this is something i ve wanted to do for awhile this is the way I paint
first off I do a small rough sketch

then blow it up to the size I want and refine it and do a bigger sketch
after that I take it to the light table and tansfer it to the watercolor paper
once transferred as on the left I take the image and tape it down to a peice of cardboard

and start painting I start with the light colors first yellows and browns
then move on to the reds and blacks with this painting I wasnt sure how I wanted the moon so I left it till the end
I missed photos of painting the backgroung and the anchor

My photo of the finished piece is a bit blurry
but I pretty happy with the way this came out
if you click on the pick of the painting you can see it more clear

the painting is 30.5 inches by 12 inches

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