Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bussy weekend

got my new stickers in they have a light metalflake to them
if you want a few stop by Rain City Tattoos 101-223 west broadway
also for the new shop I started a set of 4 11x14
sized sheets of flash this will be for the shop only
so no prints will be made
I had a blank frame hanging around for a few years now
finaly got around to do something with it thanks to Chris

Chris did all the hard work of carving it out for me
and I just assembeled and tuned , hope we can do more of this type of thing in the future
and I got my bike back thanks Sam and Darren
new bars, new foot controls and a broed out motor.
oh ya thats the new seat I put on a few months back sorry I the photo took so long
now I just need a sissy bar, spoke wheels, paint and pipes then after that there probly be another list of things I want to do thats just the way it is


  1. fuck ya. bikes lookin good. I need to snag some of those stickers soon...

  2. rad man stop by any time your in town or shoot me your addy and I send ya a care package back to edmonton

  3. tried to make it out this weekend...wasn't in the cards. if you can shoot me out some I'd be stoked. send me your addy too, I'm getting some special goodies made up next week

  4. rad man shop addy is 101-223 west broadway just send stuff there I in the shop more then home

  5. rad. I'll send some stuff out as soon as it's done. My addy is
    12 Norman CRT
    St.albert, ab
    Thanks dude