Sunday, March 18, 2012


For her mother and grandmother who loved music
the same day I did this I also did a interview with CBC radio
a story on memorial tattoos , not sure when it will air yet but it was fun


  1. You should really find out when it will air, if it hasn't already. I would love to hear it!

    Also, everyone LOVES my tattoo (pictured above - thanks for the back fat shot by the way! haha). They are all really amazed at how quickly it was done, and how much detail there is. I am so happy with it! Thank you for making my first tattoo experience so awesome and, to quote an awesome friend, "Festive"! =)

    1. right on dear glad you love it , the CBC lady said se would email me to let me know when its going to be on so hopefuly she does

  2. Did your interview ever air? How was it?

    Still getting loads of compliments on my tatty. Planning on saving up for another one!