Wednesday, September 29, 2010

got in the mail this week

got my new helmet in the mail this week which was nice , my cat knocked the one I bought last month off the table wile I was getting ready for work at the start of this month and took a big chip out of the paint.

also got the my tickets to the Murder City Devils show in october. I am supper exited to see them again everytime I ve seen them is been a good time, this time no drink tho got my road test the next day at noon oh well its hard not to have a good time at a murder city show

also Cara comes home today yeahhhhhh!! , shes been staying at her moms looking after her dog for the last few weeks so its been pretty loney around the house. Its also been fun sine she been at her moms we had a few date nights felt kinda like when we first met.

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